Sounding and Looking Good When Traveling this Holiday Season

  • MP3 Players and Headphones

One of the most important parts of traveling is being comfortable while en route to your destination. For a lot of people this means having a nice variety of stuff to listen to and a quality pair of headphones. If you are going to be flying long distance, it may be worth it to invest a litte extra and buy some nice noise-cancelling headphones. They can be pricey, but by shopping around and considering buying second hand, you can usually find something within your budget. For those that are going to be moving around a lot and may possibly lose them, you can get by with cheaper, easier to pack, more “disposable” earbuds. Regardless of the headphones you pick, be sure to make some new playlists, clear out old podcasts, and download some audiobooks so you never find yourself in transit simply doing nothing at all.

  • Bluetooth Speaker

When traveling in a group, a bluetooth speaker is almost essential. Sitting around having refreshments, playing cards, controlling the music wirelessly from your smart phone is so convenient. You can find portable bluetooth speaker in any price range. BOSE has a nice small speaker with incredible sound, but it is at the higher end of most people’s price range. If you look on Amazon or in Best Buy, you can easily find something with good sound at a much lesser price, it’s all about what you want, need, and can afford.

  • Planning Your Style

Looking good when traveling is just as important as being comfortable. Luckily, air travel over the last decade or so has relaxed so much that you can basically wear anything you want. We recommend either dressing in layers to begin with dressing light and packing warmer clothes in a backpack. Check out the hot fashions online, and then hit up Old Navy to look fresh without breaking your bank account. Be sure you take a sweatshirt either on your body or in your carry on because when the plane gets to cruising altitude, it will probably get a little cold; worst case scenario, you can wad it up and use it as a pillow to rest a little.

  • Be Ready for the Weather

This may sound obvious, but pack for the climate you are visiting, not leaving. For example, if you live in Southern California and you plan to visit the High Rocky Mountains, you’ll probably need a few pairs of jeans, a pair or two of sweatpants, a few sweaters, a warm jacket, winter hat, and probably gloves; on the flip side, if you are traveling south, make sure you have your shorts, tshirts, and flip flops ready!

When getting all your stuff organized and ready to pack, make a list of what you are going to need. Lay everything out and check it off your list one by one. Do this with plenty of time in advance so that if you end up missing something from your list, you still have time to go out and buy it. Luckily, it’s holiday season, which means there are plenty of sales you can check out to save some money!