Simple Ways to Make Your Own Beats

Tip #1. Turn your Music Groove on.

In order to make a beat, you need to get into a music groove. Sure, You may think that your beat making program will give you ideas but remember its just a tool for you to use when you have that great beat on your head. You need to shift your ”mood into the music groove” in order to get a great beat making session happening. Find inspiration of some kind, weather it be listening to your favourite beats, music, live show or even just jamming melodies in your head. A great technique I use is to make a little melody in my head and work on that melody into my beat making program. (Remember success is 1% inspiration & 99% action).

Tip# 2. You need the right Beat Making program.

Beat making programs come in so many packages & sizes now these days, there’s so many to choose from. But the good thing about them all now these days with many software programs they come with direct recording so you can add recordings & your own samples to your beats(now that’s flexibility). Many different programs to make beats offer different features that come standard so be sure to do your research first before you choose the right program. I know there are many sites where you could make beats online, usually to make hip hop beats & the good thing about most of these sites is that they teach you how to make beats. But I would generally go for a program with already preset instruments, effects, a 16 track sequencer & decent sounding drum kits. Be ready to invest in more equipment for making beats.

In simple, Get the right formula & your on your way….

Tip#3. Pick your favourite Artist & Genre.

Like my conscience always says to me,”Do one thing at a time”. I found by picking a certain genre to master first works well for me. I tend to find artists in that genre that inspire me & I analyse the instruments & effects in there songs. Its always good to know your favourite artists beats they use and how they are produced. And by doing that you gotta train your ears to be more aware of the sounds that are being used so you can use that sound in your own method. Then “on to the next one”.

Tips#4. Find Music Heads

Your beats are turning out great right?So now you want to get it heard right? That’s easy, Get it out there for people to hear. Because its your music you can distribute it yourself. And I’m not just saying to go out & print CDs & stuff like that. There are so many different ways of getting your music heard in the information era. The internet is a great way to start off. Sites like MySpace, bebo & the well known site Facebook lets you create web pages to get your music out to the world. Even your local market would have a spot for ya. Think about that!

Tip#5. Understanding Beats & Business.

Obviously if your serious about becoming a beat maker or producer you need to understand the nitty gritty side of the music business spectrum. Music Business is honestly a high risk business but like I said earlier, Get the right formula & your on your way. Its a matter of studying up your references & implementing them into action. Many forum sites offer great information on where to start & some even have the information there waiting for you. Its a matter of desire & research.