A Brief History of Harmonicas Throughout

Harmonicas first appeared in Vienna during the 19th century. By the mid 1800s, there were no less than three companies producing harmonicas: C. A. Seydel Sohne, Christian Messner & Co., and Wurtt More »

History of Country Music

The origins of country music can be found in southern Appalachian with fiddle recordings made at the end of 1910. It was not until the early 20s, however, that the kind of More »

Love With Reading And Music

In Mark Twain’s classic novel “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” this is one of the things he says: “he would have comprehended that Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to More »

Music and Its History

Although, we listen to music and enjoy it in different ways under different conditions and circumstances, there is no single definition for music. The definition of music divaricates with the change of More »

Five Most Popular Memorials to Music

As a tribute to some of the most popular celebrities in the field of music, their memorials have been established where many people go to pay their respect. These music legends may More »

Music and Politics

Jerome Camal, French of birth, is assistant to the Washington University of Saint Louis in jazz studies, logic of music and logic of ethnic music. But it is also a saxophonist that is not satisfied with to live of academic searches and he doesn’t want that teacher calls him, but he prefers to play in the places, to plunge himself in jam sessions and to teach the practice of the tool.

A stimulating character, that entertains in his home page a section devoted in full to the analysis of the political jazz of the sixties.

The observations of Camal are stimulating, ideologically you direct not, also succeeding at the same time to recover important figures of that season, giving them a correct position (is worth on all the examples of Frank Kofsky and Amiri Baraka, today a little considered, in kind the first one).

Camal quotes them, he criticizes them. I mark that their ideas “strong” on the jazz they maintain intact their charm, to distance of years.

The studies on the jazz, more and more serious and philologically correct, you are receiving spaces

What Makes Spanish Music

Spanish music is one of the most diverse that you will ever encounter, having been influenced from the German, French, Arabic and Moorish cultures. It has a varied form and style, although for most people, they consider Spanish music as synonymous to flamenco which is a music genre in Andalusia.

Music in Spain has a long history which shows a heavy influence of the Christian era and Roman culture during the first centuries. Later on, other cultural influences slowly made its imprint on the local music such as Greek culture, the Visigoth which is a tribe in Germany, the Jews during their Diaspora and then the Arabs and Moors. During the Renaissance period, Spanish musicians traveled throughout Europe where they learned more about the music of other lands, and then returned back to their homeland to share their newly acquired knowledge.

The 18th and 20th centuries have seen further developments of Spanish music, where opera, guitar, popular, and other genres emerged. These different influences led to the musical traditions that are unique to the Spanish.

In Spain, the different regions have distinguishing music genre using varying instruments. Andalusia is well-known for flamenco which is the

Elvis the 1950s Classics History

Elvis’ full name is Elvis Aaron Presley. He was born on January 8, 1935. He is the most talked about rock and roll singers to date. He had a twin brother named Garon, who died and it was because of him Elvis had his middle name Aaron so that he could always feel his brother as a part of him. Elvis is also known as the King of Rock and Roll. Elvis started out his career singing rhythm and blues, gospel and country. He is known as the first singer who merged the country music with blues. He also sang ballads, pop, folk, as well as opera and jazz.

Elvis took the world with a sweep. There are millions of Elvis’ fans throughout the world, who still love him dearly. He had a musical career that ranges over the span of two decades. You might be surprised to know that Elvis Presley had a very tough childhood where his father did not want to take any responsibility of the family and Elvis’ mother was working really hard to make the ends meet. It was in 1938 that Elvis’ father was convicted of forgery

Hawaiian Music

My wife and I visited the Hawaii in 1981, and were both struck by the beauty of the islands and the people. There was only one thing I found disappointing- I didn’t hear one steel guitar player. Sure the slack-key guitar was riding a wave of newfound popularity, and the ‘ukulele too was ubiquitous; but in our 2 week stay I never was able to find young people playing the kind of guitar named after Hawaii. I even found a baritone ukulele in the shape of Oahu, but most of the interest and development was in the guitar and the slack-key guitar. New luthiers were making quality guitars and ukes of all shapes and sorts-but no steels.

I knew some of the big night clubs had shows including a few of the old-timers still playing the Hawaiian guitar, but I wanted to find the steel-playing equivalents of the kids at the beach playing their slack-key. I did see many tourist-oriented show groups, and with them ukes of all sizes, but the steel guitar had appeared to have fled the islands to the mainland, now residing in Nashville in the form of the pedal

Hawaii’s Most Famous Musical Instrument

Ukelele ( spelled ukelele in the UK, abbreviated to uke; pronounced yoo-kuh-ley-lee [American English] or oo-koo-ley-ley [original Hawaiian]) is a small, guitar-like lute with four to ten strings. Developed in the 1880s, the ukulele is the Hawaiian interpretation of the Portuguese braguinha.

Hawaii’s most famous musical instrument produces big tone and sweet sound. Ukuleles usually come in 4 sizes: Soprano (or what Hawaiians refer to as Standard size), Concert, Tenor , and Baritone. The Solid Body Cutaway is a more recent innovation.

Ukuleles are typically made of wood, although there are some models made of plastic or a composite of plastic and wood. Expensive models are made from hardwood (e.g.mahogany, kulawood, spruce, and sequoia), the most expensive of which are made from koa tree.

A typical ukulele has a figure 8 shape like that of a small acoustic guitar. There are also other interesting shape variations such as oval (called pineapple ukulele), boat paddle, and square (usually made from an old wooden cigar box).


Ukulele was brought to the Hawaiians by Portuguese immigrants. To celebrate their arrival on August 23,

The King of the Blues

A man who married twice, had fifteen children and supported them all, became a mega star of his genre yet still, by all accounts is a pleasant and extraordinarily modest man. Mick Brown of the Telegraph described him as a ‘kind man in an unkind business’. The world knows him as B.B. King. B.B. King was born, like many blues legends, in Mississippi, specifically near the town of Ita Bena, where he grew up cared for by his grandmother. His first job was picking cotton in the fields for the princely sum of 35 cents per hundred, but he realised that skill would get him more money and at 16 progressed to tractor driver. The wage? $22 a week.

Riley B King (his actual name) also sang in the church choir, and so at weekends he supplemented his income by playing guitar and singing on street corners. It didn’t take long to realise that he made more money singing blues than anything else, and so his career began. After some time in the army Riley moved to Memphis in 1948 and got a job making fuel tanks. He composed a jingle for Pepticon

Fashion History’s Bread

Just as the rings of a tree tell its age, fashion acts as that ring. Immediately seeing a particular style of fashion, you can, with most certainty, tell its age. Clothing has the ability to be an excellent indicator of time. When you turn on an episode of say, COPS, by examining the clothing and hairstyles you can almost immediately decipher the decade. The same can be said for when one is watching say a movie preview, is it a period piece? What era? All you need to do is look at the clothing and think back to your middle-school history class. Let us not forget to mention what intense and indelible effect clothing has on culture and society. The first thing we see has a tendency to say a lot about who we are as people, as well as a society as a whole. In the beginning clothing was about protection and heat regulation. There are so many theories as to why homo-sapiens (man) began to loose the hair covering their bodies. Perhaps no one wanted lice living on them and eating them alive. Whatever the reason, the shift has shaped culture, questioning what may

Music Therapy for Body

Music therapy is one of several healing art forms that is progressively gaining prominence and a place among complementary mind, body, spirit therapies offered in hospitals in the United States. Music as a healing art has been around for eons and now there are research reports that document its effectiveness and benefits.

“Music and History”

Music has been a part of cultures and societies throughout history. It may have been in the form of drumming, chanting, toning and musical. Shamans, medicine woman and man, tribal sweat lodge singings, initiation ceremonies and funerals used music to promote healing and a smooth transition after life.


It is, without a doubt, a beautiful, melodic form of therapy that can reduce stress and anxiety, relieve pain, lift depression and produce feelings of happiness. Music is energy and produces a flowing of inappropriate (negative effect) energy within the body, outward from the body (positive) resulting in restoration of balance and harmony.

Sound waves are produced by music and they are processed

What Musicians Have Made Gibsons Popular

It’s not surprising that one of the best guitar makers of all times have countless guitar players voluntarily endorse their brand. The word “Gibson” evokes the images of a legendary performance in nearly any type of setting. They are coveted guitars by all players of all skill sets, from the very bottom to the very top. Whether it’s the abundance of concerts or famous recordings, many of the notes that made music history were played on Gibson guitars by innumerable legends from various genres.

Blues legend Robert Johnson famously plucked a Gibson. Though his career output was limited to fewer than forty songs, he vastly influenced the many American and British players of the sixties and beyond, most notably Eric Clapton. He’s possibly one of the reasons slide and finger-picking blues is so associated on Gibson. The image of Johnson nattily dressed up in suit and fedora smoking a cigarette while holding his Gibson in his lap is etched in the minds of all guitar players. Other legends include none other than B. B. King, Jeff Beck, and Muddy Waters!

The folk singers and songwriters utilizing Gibson’s catalogue was no

Music Healing Therapy

In ancient Greece, Apollo was the god of both music and medicine. In the Old Testament, poetry attributed to King David is considered some of the most provocative literary and lyrical works in history. It is undeniable that music and healing have been considered mutually inclusive over the centuries. Lani Star, internationally known for her music performance as well as her philosophy on the healing power of music within every individual. She uses Hawaiian musical wisdom, Eastern yogic sound patterns, and angelic chants to enhance the self – the mind, body, and spirit – and inspire success. For Lani Star, music is an expression of the soul, and the way to tap into vocal or musical beauty is to tend to the soul. In turn, tending to the voice can improve the soul. Lani Star’s musical specialty is New Age and mystic jazz, and she makes it a point to spread the healing power of music.

Lani Star states, “A singer must reach within, connecting heart and voice, to produce a powerful resonance that can move their audience to tears. This same power can be used in all areas of life – and