George Strait and His Songs

There have been a number of musical icons all throughout the history of the industry. Elvis Presley was known for Rock and Roll, Frank Sinatra for Jazz, Michael Jackson for Pop, and Kurt Cobain for Alternative Rock. Country music has many icons as well, but there is one name that arguably stands out as the best. Living legend, George Strait.

“Rock and Roll Saxophone”

George Harvey Strait, a Texas native, is a true country musician at heart. So much so, that because of his achievements, both artistically and financially, he has been referred to as the “King of Country Music”, a title that he holds to this very day.

And it is not an empty title as well. He is called as such because there are 57 George Strait songs that have reached #1 in music charts, an achievement that only he has reached. He holds the record to this day as the only artist in the history of music to have had that many #1 hits.

But what makes a George Strait song so great?

Many would give their own opinion, because many of his fans have been attracted to him and his songs for many different reasons. Some would say it is because of his voice. Others would say it is because of his unique musical style. Still others would say it is the heartfelt messages and lyrics of the songs, tugging at their emotions.

Ultimately, they are all correct, because these are the exact reasons why George Strait songs have been so beloved all over the world. His voice is known for singing very sentimental and emotional lyrics, presented in a combination of classical and modern stylings. Even today, with many budding young country artists, George Strait is still going strong. And these same young artists still love and respect him, with most dying for an opportunity to play concerts and collaborate with the “living legend.”