Five Most Popular Memorials to Music

As a tribute to some of the most popular celebrities in the field of music, their memorials have been established where many people go to pay their respect. These music legends may no longer walk this earth, but their fans still visit these pop pilgrimages. We will focus on the five most popular memorials.

John Lennon, the bespectacled man of peace inspired many young Czechs. After his death, the Prague youth decorated a wall with descriptions and words of tribute. This became popular as John Lennon Wall in his memory.

The second is Jim Morrison’s grave. Jim Morrison, the Doors’ legendary front man died as a true rock-star in the Marais many years before. His grave is located in the Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise in Paris. There is always great rush to visit this pilgrimage.

Freddie Mercury was one of history’s greatest showmen. He had a desire that after his death, his resting place should be full of water. Therefore, when he died, his remains were spread on the shore of his favorite Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Thus, Lake Geneva became his memorial.

Billie Holiday’s grave, the Bronx is in New York. Lady Day, the ‘Angel of Harlem’, motivated a generation of rock, blues and jazz singers.

Another famous memorial is Elvis Presley’s home in Graceland, Memphis. The King’s huge house became his final resting place. Paul Simon sang about driving to Graceland for salvation. Travelers come here to feel united with the soul of rock ‘n’ roll. The above-mentioned memorials are worth a visit and a way to pay tributes to the music legends.