Elvis the 1950s Classics History

Elvis’ full name is Elvis Aaron Presley. He was born on January 8, 1935. He is the most talked about rock and roll singers to date. He had a twin brother named Garon, who died and it was because of him Elvis had his middle name Aaron so that he could always feel his brother as a part of him. Elvis is also known as the King of Rock and Roll. Elvis started out his career singing rhythm and blues, gospel and country. He is known as the first singer who merged the country music with blues. He also sang ballads, pop, folk, as well as opera and jazz.

Elvis took the world with a sweep. There are millions of Elvis’ fans throughout the world, who still love him dearly. He had a musical career that ranges over the span of two decades. You might be surprised to know that Elvis Presley had a very tough childhood where his father did not want to take any responsibility of the family and Elvis’ mother was working really hard to make the ends meet. It was in 1938 that Elvis’ father was convicted of forgery and was sent to Mississippi State Penitentiary.

Elvis had been known to hang out with only a few friends and he never mingled much with his classmates. His teachers tell of him as a student who was sweet and loving and loved to read comic books. Elvis was living in a dreamland of his own. He used to hang out at theaters and listened to the local musicians and it was then he thought of expressing his emotions through music. It was in 1945, that Elvis’ mom bought him the first guitar valued at $12.75. The first two songs recorded by Elvis were “My Happiness” and “That’s When Your Heartaches Begin.” There is so much about Elvis that I can go on and on for days. The last words that I have to say are “He Is My Hero.”

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