Binaural Beats

Easy availability of binaural beats embedded in pleasing music has opened up a lot of opportunity for personal growth. Now anyone can use them both for personal development as well as to tap the latent potential of the mind. You can relax very efficiently or meditate deeply just by listening to the binaural beat music.

At one time or another in life everyone feels the need to become healthier, stronger, and more capable so that he or she can make big achievements in shorter time span. In the so-called normal living, we use only a small fraction of the mental capacity nature has given us. We normally turn to fitness programs for upgrading our physical health and activities like yoga and meditation for managing stress and mental health. But now we can awaken the latent potentials of your mind with binaural beats.

Music embedded with binaural beats

Binaural beats are not sound in the conventional sense so they are not heard through the ears but the brain creates them. They are generated when two slightly different audio frequencies are fed – one through each ear. For instance, if a frequency of 450 Hz is fed to the left ear and 465 Hz to the right ear, a beat of 15 Hz is generated in the brain, which is the difference of the two input frequencies.

When these beats are generated using just the sine waves, many people feel a little irritated and it lacks the pleasantness of the music. So, recordings are created using some pleasant sound like that of ocean waves, flowing river, birds chirping, or rain etc, and binaural beats are embedded. Besides being pleasing natural sound help also generate a relaxing and receptive mood, they enhance the effectiveness of the beats.

Brainwaves and entrainment

At any time a certain frequency of brainwave is dominant along with other waves that have smaller amplitudes. Initially, binaural beat close to the frequency of the dominant brainwave is applied. It allows the brainwave to move and match with the applied binaural beat frequency – called entrainment or frequency following response. Now the beat frequency can be varied and the brain will follow. So, the entrainment process provides you to the handle to control the brain states through its waves.

Entrainment allows you to explore different subconscious states of the mind at will and develop it to your advantage. You can easily go into states of deep relaxation, meditation, lucid dreaming, or hypnosis; binaural beats are also used for eliminating fears or addictions and developing confidence, learning power, and creativities; there are numerous other applications such as astral projection, telepathy, chakra tuning, aura viewing, just to name a few.

Employing binaural beats to explore different states of mind

Just by changing the frequency you can explore the whole spectrum of mental states and can choose any desired state of consciousness. Hence, they are suitable to reprogram your subconscious mind. They are excellent yet simple tool to counter stress and anxiety; just play the music embedded with binaural beats and go into deep relaxing states.

The effectiveness of the beats is further enhanced because of the ease of varying them. This allows creating specific music designed for a particular task. For instance, lucid dreaming involves conscious awareness that you are dreaming, while dreaming. The person is first taken to the theta state (4-7 Hz) where dreams take place and then take him to the alpha state (7-13 Hz) where the consciousness is that of waking alertness. But keep the time duration of the alpha state short so that he does not wake up and then bring him back the theta state of dream. Hence, the person dreams and also knows it because of the brief excursions to the waking state. Simple. Is it not?