Beat Programs for Music Production

Are you looking for the best beat programs for creating music? Look no further!

This article will show you the two most popular products on the market: DUB Turbo and Sonic Producer. They’re by far the most popular and that’s for one reason and one reason only… they are the best!

Dub Turbo is basically a software program that is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), and features everything you need to make awesome rap beats, dance tunes, R&B tracks, you name it, you can create it with Dub Turbo!

Equipment in a studio would be way more expensive and you would get the same quality tracks produced.

This software program is for people looking for an easy and fast way to start making beats & music, without the worry of haivng to learn music theory, study production in expensive schools, or having to get a huge studio.

The software, however, is powerful enough to be used in conjunction with recording studio equipment! Many of the users are studio owners, and love taking beats from DUBturbo into their various other applications.

Sonic Producer is a really amazing new music sequencer that uses the latest cutting edge technology to create pro beats. Tracks can be exported to Mp3 with minimal effort. You can get access to music production tutorials which will help you get started creating beats straight away.

SonicProducer was designed for all ages. In fact, everyone should make beats! Not only is beat making an extremely fulfilling and exciting musical craft, but is easy to begin to do, and great fun to master! There is a reason why most people pursue learning beat making, it’s the best musical activity.

Both programs use a 16 track sequencer, they both have awesome keyboard sets, drum machines and synth-sounds, so that you can make a variety of sounds. Beats per minute can be changed very easily and each of the 16 tracks has a volume control of its own.

Both programs are user friendly and you can literally make beats in a few minutes. It will take a bit longer the first few times but once you get the hang of things you will be creating beats in minutes. You get extensive video tutorials and training that will help you get started in both programs.

So what is the price of the two programs? They both go for about $30. Most other good quality software for producing music is more expensive. Some programs cost hundreds of dollars. But just because these two products are affordable (cheap is not the right word), you shouldn’t think the quality is not as good as the more expensive ones. These two definitely give the most value for money!

There are some differences between the two programs. Firstly, the quality of the tracks that DUB Turbo produces is in a.WAV format. Sonic Producer, on the other hand, outputs to MP3. The difference is basically that the quality of.WAV is much better. It is actually broadcast quality which is what the pro’s use.